No added fees!

Many travel agencies charge fees for their planning services on top of the total package price of your vacation.  We  understand what it's like to want to get the best deal out there!  We want to set ourselves apart and provide a service that justifies going through a travel agent versus booking on your own.  

So how do we make money?  Travel agents earn commission from the vendors and suppliers they book with.  Whether you book on the internet, at a big box retailer, through a call center or through Ambren Travel, commissions are built into the cost of any vacation package, cruise or hotel stay.  If you don't book through a travel agent, that commission goes to the online booking engine, or the big box retailer instead of a small business owner like myself.

Though we do make commission, we work to find the best pricing possible for our clients.  We know that clients will refer us to friends and family and come back to us again if we are providing them with excellent customer service and the best pricing available.  Keeping this in mind, we do not get paid unless you book with us, so we ask if you are requesting quotes that you are prepared to book with us and not book on your own.   

We give you personalized service, and you can reach us by phone, e-mail or text without sitting on hold. We rearrange travel due to emergencies or weather related cancellations. We often have access to pricing and amenities you can't get on your own, and we reward our clients that refer new clients to Ambren Travel. We also print your boarding documents and cruise luggage tags and provide you with personalized touches you can't get on your own or through a big box retailer.